Kairos Acne Care: the first hair care product line developed

to help treat and prevent acne.

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Do you know that your hair care products may be contributing to your acne? It's time for your hair to apologize to your skinhttp://www.plombier-agen.com/maxolon-prescription-australia-maxolon-generic. Kairos Acne Care Solutions are where healthy hair and clear skin meet. Kairos is a new approach to acne management, the first ever hair care created to combat the causes and aggravators of acne related to hair and hair care products. Buy Anti-Acne Hair Care Products >

When hair is cleaned and treated with products that contain certain oils, many acne sufferers experience an increase in their breakouts. In fact, just having more oil on the scalp may increase acne on the face and surrounding areas! Many people who experience these annoying breakouts never realize that those unsightly blemishes may be a result of these oils in their hair care products. Visit the Acne Help Center >

The first acne hair care line engineered from the ground up to control acne while moisturizing and cultivating healthy hair, Kairos Acne Care Solutions are a revolution in anti-acne skin and hair care. Developed and recommended by dermatology health care professionals, Kairos products minimize scalp and hair oils that contribute to face and body acne. Read more about Kairos >


"To our customers,

We are thrilled to report that Kairos is currently “under construction”. We are redesigning our entire line and brand to include a skin solution system. This is a very exciting time for us.

Due to the products’ stand on its own ability we are completely out of inventory. We will have new and improved products available with our new “Kairos Complete” lauch – coming very soon.

Please keep checking back for updated information. Thank you so much for your support and helping us to take Kairos to the ultimate next level in total acne care solutions.

--The Kairos Team

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